Our stops & destinations

Here you will find Ybuss' line network with over 30 destinations and the names of all our regular stops. Travel with us to both cities and smaller areas from Stockholm in the south to to Umeå up north. We go to several stops in the destination Höga Kusten/High coast ex. Hornöberget, Docksta, Skuleberget Naturum and Ullånger.


Description of stops

Here is a more detailed description of each Ybuss stop in alphabetical order.

  1. Arlanda, terminal 4

    Ybuss departs from the entrance level, stop number is changeable. See information about the current stop on the information signs for bus traffic.

  2. Birsta, E4

    Sign and cure are available at both southbound and northbound stops. Located on the E4 at the height of Biltema. There is a metro to the Birsta area.

  3. Bjästa, South exit E4

    Cure and sign are on both sides. The bus turns off the E4 and enters the bus pockets that are clearly visible from the E4.

  4. Bollstabruk bus station

    The bus station is located in the center of Bollstabruk. Ybus' sign is available.

  5. Docksta Marina, stop E4

    Northbound and southbound stops are located at Docksta marina, close to Byberg and Nordin's bus garage and about 1 km walk from FriluftsByn. Signs are available.

  6. Enånger, hpl E4

    The stop is located at exit 211, signposted Enånger, in a southerly direction. The same stop for traveling northbound and southbound.

  7. Gnarp

    Stop next to the Circle K gas station, on the left. Ybus' sign is available.

  8. Gävle Bro (one stop on each side of E4)

    Heading south towards Stockholm, get on / off the same side as Preem. Going north towards S-dike, get on / off at Circle K. Signs are available.

  9. Harmånger, stop Nordanå E4

    The stop is after the E4 at the height of Nordanå.

  10. Hornöberget, stop E4

    Southbound hpl on exit pocket before Höga Kusten bridge. Northbound hpl just after the Höga Kusten bridge, at the entrance to Höga Kusten Hotellet.

  11. Hudiksvall bus station

    Bus stop K. Sign available.

  12. Husum, stop E4

    Couriers and signs are available. At the entrance to Husum.

  13. Hälledal

    Both southbound and northbound stops close to exit towards Ramvik.

  14. Härnösand resecentrum

    The bus usually departs from gate A at Resecentrum / Centralen. Other streets may occur.

  15. Hörnefors, Circle K

    E4 Cure on each side of E4. Signs are available.

  16. Iggesund, New E4

    Exit pockets in both directions. Ybus' signs are available. Connection to road 669.

  17. Jättendal, stop Dvästa (OK)

    E4 Stop is after E4 at the height of Dvästa.

  18. Kramfors resecentrum

    Stop F outside the station building by the train tracks. There is a sign and info on the monitors.

  19. Lunde

    The stop is located at the exit pocket in Lunde, below Bilisten.

  20. Nordmaling Resecentrum

    The bus leaves from outside Nordmaling RC. The stop is advertised on the information boards.

  21. Sollefteå bus station

    Stop A at the bus station. Ybus' sign is available.

  22. Skuleberget Naturum, E4

    Stops for northbound and southbound traffic along the E4, at the entrance to Naturum Höga Kusten at the foot of Skuleberget. Close to FriluftsByn, Via Ferrata and Skulebergets Havscamping.

  23. Stockholm, Cityterminalen

    Gate appears from information boards inside Cityterminalen floor 1.

  24. Sundsvalls resecentrum

    Ybuss departs from the newly built bus terminal at Sundsvall Central Station (lower level), usually from gate D or E. See information boards for current information.

  25. Söderhamn resecentrum

    Outside the Travel Center there is a Ybus sign. The same stop for southbound and northbound traffic.

  26. Timrå centrum, stop E4

    Sign and cure at the southbound stop at E4 at the same height as Timrå C. The underpass is to the northbound stop which is on the opposite side.

  27. Torsboda

    Stops in a southerly and northbound direction at Circle K Söråker.

  28. Ullånger, OKQ8

    Sign available. Stop behind the gas station where several buses depart.

  29. Umeå bus station

    Gate can be seen from the information board inside the bus station. Usually departs from gate no. 1.

  30. Umeå hospital, stop C

    Stop C is signposted with Ybuss sign on the bus stop outside the hospital.

  31. Umeå Ålidhöjd, Tvistevägen

    Hpl on Tvistevägen opposite the entrance to Vårdcentralen in Ålidhöjd, about 200 m from Ålidhem Centrum.

  32. Upplands Väsby, Scandic Hotel

    Located on the right-hand side in a southerly direction. Bus shelter with sign outside the hotel.

  33. Uppsala, Gränby

    Exit Uppsala Norra. Signposted stop is on Takpannegatan at Circle K Truck Diesel behind MAX. About 150 m from the Circle K gas station.

  34. Örnsköldsvik resecentrum

    Info is on the monitors. Most often Gate B northbound, C southbound.