Information about your previous Bonus account

In connection with the change of website and booking system, we are launching a completely new bonus program where each trip gives points which are then collected in your bonus account in a voucher. So you no longer have to travel 10 times to get a bonus.

If you have not been active in your account in 2018 and later, you are welcome to register a new account and start collecting valuable points. Your old account is now closed.

If you have been active in your account in 2018 and later and had an email address registered, your account has been transferred to the new system. Your old account is now closed. You can log in with your email address on My account and select Reset password to create a new password and then access the new account.

We care about you as a bonuscustomer and therefor your old bonus-based trips have been converted into a voucher according to an average calculation where each bonus-based trip is worth 50 points. The voucher can be used to discount future trips. If there is no voucher in the account, there were no bonus-based trips in your previous account at the time of the transfer.

Read more about the new Bonus customer system in Latest Posts on the start page here at

Welcome to contact us on 0771- 33 44 44 or if you have questions.