Travel with us to the folk festival Urkult in Näsåker


Travel with us to the folk festival Urkult in Näsåker

Ybuss drives buses to Urkult from Stockholm to Näsåker with several stops along the way. Travel with us to the festival area on the 31st of July and the 1st of August. From Urkult you can go on the 4th of August. Search for bus stop “Urkult, Näsåker” here in our booking to find your travel.

Urkult are welcoming new and old friends to Näsåker, where the festival of which goal always have been to create cultural meeting across borders, in a spirit of peace, love, inclusion and mutual agreement.

Together we build bridges and take down walls to the beat of the music lit up by the magic moonlight. High above the mighty old river, sounds from different parts of the world, the same time as theatre, fun activities and poetry sets the imagination in motion. This is a family festival where the little ones can join in, play and have fun in their own way.

From the warmth of the open fires, wrapped around the friendly atmosphere, spices from the food around, we will enjoy the music, the festvial spirit and a feeling of togetherness in a mythical place where people have come together since thousands of years back. And now we invite you to join..

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For more information about the festival please visit Urkult